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WINCE, problems with TEdit, TGroupBox, TLabel

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--- Quote from: "_Bernd" ---I don't know, if WINCE-LCL ist still in experimental state. Or does it make sense to create bug reports?
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Reporting bugs is always good, because they document what behavior is incorrect.

But remember that wince interface is driven by community patches, so donĀ“t wait that the bug will be solved by itself anytime soon, unless someone sends a patch for it.


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--- Quote from: "roeug" ---Try not to use default fonts (it helped me with some controls, for others i had to use more simple equivalents)
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which fonts would you suggest? I tried MS Sans Serif, Courier New, and Arial with no effect.

Regards, Bernd.
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Sorry, I was not clear:
Font section of Object Inspector
(+Fonts...SelectFontDialog has no effect on my iPOD)
 change Size or Height (in Font section of Object Inspector)

Sure: Autosize===False


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