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I created little project which can help you integrate PDF preview feature in your applications.
Project is written for Win32, Win64, Linux32, Linux64 and it use libmupf library (version 1.8), bgracontrols and printers4lazarus components.
It contain all necessary dll's  and libs and it contain instructions how to compile dll's and libs for different platforms and how to setup Cross Compiling environment
Project use cross compiling benefits of fpc compiler.
Along with preview it can also print pdf documents.
Project location is

Regards, Dinko

Thanks dinmil, it is very useful.
Just a question: where did you get pl_bgracontrols package?


pl_bgracontrols seems to be a control from package of Code Typhon (Pilot Logik)?


Ah Thanks MSC, I forgot that.

Yes, pl_bgracontrols are package from CodeTyphon project, but project should work with and newer version of BGRAControls you can find (if you use lazarus).


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