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How many of you still actively develop 32 bit versions of your programs?

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I have a program that I compile as 32-bit. It doesn't need the 64-bit functionality particularly and by compiling as 32-bit I ensure all users can run it (on Linux, I do provide both 32 and 64 bit versions to prevent dependancy problems). But a user recently a reported a bug to me that highlighted an issue for my program being compiled as a 32-bit exe when run on 64 bit OSes. It's a rare problem but it relates to files in the Windows\System32 folder (here is more details if you're interested :

It made me wonder whether I may as well simply stop creating a 32-bit version all together. I sat and thought about how many 32 bit users there are these days. I did some Googling and read that 98% of current OSes run 64-bit. I don't know how accurate that is, but given that most (nearly all) new computers these days ship with 64-bit, and many folks have used 64 bit for the last few years, it wouldn't surprise me.

My question is how many of you still actively develop 32 bit versions of your programs?

I still use 32-bit for everything, at work, and at home.

There are two exceptions, both at work. One is a service (that has to run on a 64-bit system), one is an application on the drawing table only that will need really a lot of memory access.

Seeing that FPC makes it so easy, I still produce 32-bit and 64-bit binaries of all my applications. That way I cover all bases. My development workstation is 64-bit though, but I have many development VM's that are 32-bit too.

As MarcoV said, when it comes to service applications or shell extensions under Windows, then you must produce binaries for the specific Windows bit size. But other than that, most people seem pretty happy running 32-bit Windows applications on 64-bit Windows.

Under Linux and FreeBSD, it seems most people prefer to run a binary that matches their OS.

Linux machines 64-bit only (except RaspberryPi)
Windows machines 32-bit only

Eugene Loza:
My computer at work is still i386 (Debian Jessie 32bit) :)
And yes, under Windows 64 bit - I compile 32 bit (no need for greater memory support yet).


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