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Using fp.exe under Windows XP


Curt Carpenter:
I've installed Lazarus with FreePascal 3.0 on my WinXP machine, and decided for old times sake to try fp.exe, the text-mode IDE that comes with FPC. 

The fp.exe program is located in    C:\Development\FreePascal\FPC\bin\i386-win32   and I've added this to my path.

I launch fp.exe, the IDE appears and write the standard "hello world" program:

Program Hello;
  writeln('hello, world')

I save this and compile, but I always get the "compile failed" window reporting two errors. 

I figure there's something missing in my setup, and would appreciate any guidance on what I may be missing.   

Curt Carpenter

Alt-O to open options window, press c for compiler options.

On the verbosity tab  select all.

Now compile your program again and pay attention to the error messages. They will tell you what it wrong (yes there are a lot of messages, but it is the most sane way to attack your problem without telling us what the last error messages are).

Most probably missing paths to your units etc.

You can search for the errors with google, and most certainly something will pop up that gives a pointer in what direction to look for.

Or in short: you need to setup the ide and compiler options properly  ;)


try setting the unit directories in options->directories to


or wherever your unit tree (with directories like "rtl") is.

Curt Carpenter:
OK Markov -- I added the directory C:\Development\FreePascal\fpc\units\i386-win32\rtl to the units directories and that did the trick.  Thank you for your help.


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