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Lazarus on Suse 9.1


Hi Experts.

I was able to build Lazarus and Free Pascal from the latest sources. It does run on my newly installed Suse 9.1 professional. I could compile, run and debug some first test progects.

Nonetheless I encountered some difficulties.

1) CTRL F9 does not do anything.
I can run the project with F9, I can cut and paste with ctrl-INS and shift INS.

2) ALT + <underlined letter in a menue> does not do anything.
I can use all menues with the mouse

3) I tried to do a TThread test. I can compile my test project, but when I do MyTread1 := TMyThread1.create(true);   (or ..(false)) the program performs a normal termination. In the IDE I get "Execution stopped", running it stand alone the Form simply closes. I was able to correctly run a TThread project in a WIN32 test.

4) When trying to use the code completion (that does seem to work in not TThread projects) I get: "Identifyer not found" in the line "Type TMythread1 = class(TThread)"

BTW.: how can I highlight text word by word using the mouse ?

Any help ?


Will be wanderful if Lazarus is a part of the Mandrake software selection and we can found it into the Linux Mandrake Installaztion disks , in an lod version of Mandrake (i think the 9.2 or 9.0) there was a very old version of the Free Pascal Compiler (since 2001) ,why the Mandrake soft don't insert the Lazarus Project into her CDS as Qt Designer and all other Linux Software Production ?!
I hope to buy the newer Mandrake Disks and found the Lazarus package there.


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