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wince form window style

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> clicking the [x] button on eg. compact framework apps causes the application is minimized and not closed at all

On my Pocket (WM 5.0 HP rx1950) after clicking the [x] button the application almost dead: it is on the screen but the only things works- the [x] button, that is I have to click it twice
As on Pocket buttons are not easily touched (U have to click them again and again to get the action) it's not a problem just "the feature"

This is correct, try this with other applications in wince no application is real closed except the application closes itself.
So try
in your mainform and the app will exit real.

What do you think schould we follow this behavour or close the app on clicken the x ?
I think this can be implemented (not shure at all).

IMHO the behavior of the widget should follow as strictly as possible the standard, so minimizing the app by clicking on [x] should be fine.


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