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GEFView - my first lazarus project [contains image 80kB]

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Hi All,

Many, many thanks for this great work. I have been using / testing it for about 20 hours now and as a Delphi programmer it is very easy to get the hang of it. It is quite stable though there are some flaws (on windows (only tested windows so far) the OnShow event is triggered before it shows or (perhaps) not at all, and there seem to be problems with the focus & autocompletion and speedbuttons with glyphs but in general this is a very good project.

I used to work with Boa Constructor and Python and though I would rather use Python as my main programming language I am much more productive with this great lazarus IDE! So again, thanks a lot. If I get it up and running under Linux hope to make some contributions to Lazarus (like combining F1 with the Delphi help (if availabe) or SHIFT-CTRL-I to indent  :D )

Anyway, here is a screenshot of my application so far
the app reads a file which contains (a lot of) data that indicates the strenght of the soil (I am afterall a geotechincal engineer :wink: ) and displays it graphically and even makes an estimate of what soiltype is found (depending on filters the user sets)

Keep up the good word Lazarus team!

Vincent Snijders:
What is CTRL-SHIFT-I supposed to do?

In what way is it different from CTRL-I (indent)?

Giuseppe RidinĂ²:
How did you get the plots?
Could you provide with a simple example?  :)


--- Quote ---What is CTRL-SHIFT-I supposed to do?

In what way is it different from CTRL-I (indent)?
--- End quote ---

with ctrl-shift-I or U you can (un)indent a block of text, not just one line.

--- Quote ---How did you get the plots?
Could you provide with a simple example?
--- End quote ---

You need to edit the canvas of an object.

A simple example would be the following

Add a paintbox (component) to a form and call it pbMain

Select the OnPaint event of the paintbox and put the drawing code there

--- Code: ---
procedure TfrmMain.pbMainPaint(Sender: TObject);
  //draw a simple red line
  pbMain.Canvas.Pen.Color := clRed;
  pbMain.Canvas.MoveTo( 10, 10 );
  pbMain.Canvas.LineTo( 40, 40 );

--- End code ---

As always you can see a lot of other interesting canvas possibilities (like Rectangle or TextOut) by using the code completion.

Hope this helps!

ps. you can find the complete drawing code for my current project here. I always split up my code as much as possible so this is just a class that gets a (pointer to a) paintbox to draw on. The actual drawing that might be 'interesting' is done in the Draw* procedures.

Giuseppe RidinĂ²:
Cool! Such kind of plot component should be a standard one in all IDEs, Lazarus too!  :wink:
If you are an engineer you may know the Matlab enviroment. If so you know the axes object which is very powerfull!
This can be a very good and usefull object to be cloned in Delphi-Lazarus.  :mrgreen:


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