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OpenBSD error: Illegal character in format string.

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Rather odd. Having no thousandseparator, OK, but having no DecimalSeparator?
(Pascal does not mind having a #0 in a string, no WS is going to display it).

Out of curiousity, what is the output of FloatToStr(1.23) (using sysutils+clocale unit)?


Bart, you found the next bug in clocale. Very strange.

The output is:

FloatToStr(1.23) = "123"

I added a note in the bugtracker.


I was busy for a while but today I tried to fix some things. It's impossible to build fpc on OpenBSD. How are the OpenBSD-packages build? Via cross compiling? In the attached file you will find the build error, if you are interested. Any idea, what the problem can be?


--- Quote ---Error: Path "./" does not exist

--- End quote ---

Sounds like something goes wrong with expanding paths. (expandfilename/fexpand and everything it depends on (readdir*) and one very special routine).

To avoid shell problems, use bash as shell.

The release has the following warning in the readme:

--- Quote --- The release has been generated on a virtual machine running OpenBSD release 4
  It may not work on more recent OpenBSD releases.

  WARNING: on a 5.4 vmware virtual machine, installation produces a kernel erro
  Due to changes in system structure layouts like dirent and stat structures
this release is not working on any system post-5.4 either.

  Any help in maintaining OpenBSD target for Free Pascal would be most welcome!
See Free Pascal website:

Pierre Muller

--- End quote ---

In short, it is for openBSD 4, and not 5, and that could explain the locale issues too, as well as the expandfile problems (which are dirent dependent)


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