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OpenBSD error: Illegal character in format string.

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DecimalSeparator is what?
Can you write Ord(DecimalSeparator) as well?



--- Quote from: crsc on January 02, 2016, 07:38:33 pm ---Hello marcov,

thank you for your help. I've written a small console fpc program with following output:

--- Quote ---TimeAMString = "PM"
TimePMString = "Sunday"
ShortTimeFormat = "hh:nn:ss ampm"
LongTimeFormat = "AM"

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Seems longtimeformat and AM/PM strings are corrupt. You might workaround this by setting it to something ('yyyy-mm-dd ' +shorttimeformat or so) in the first line of your mainprogram.

Debugging what goes wrong in clocale would even be better.

Hello marcov,

thank you for your support and help. It seems that you have detected the bug. I made my first bugreport. ;-)

Thanks. I added the output of the locale command in a comment.

(edited: New direct gitlab link of the report: )

marcov, thank you.

Bart, I updated the table above. The outputs are:

Ord(ThousandSeparator) = "0"
Ord(DecimalSeparator) = "0"


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