Author Topic: tried update, some examples don't run, I'm all messed up now, please help  (Read 3109 times)


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A year or so ago I loaded lazarus-1.2.6-fpc-2.6.4-win32 and it seemed to work fine. I'm not a coding guru but I do enjoy designing and writing non-commercial apps. So I wrote a program to automate much of my home. It worked fine but it stayed unchanged for about a year. Last week I needed to make a slight change. I had some question so went to the Lazarus web site, saw that 1.4.4 was recommended. I downloaded it; had to uninstall my 1.2.6 first; but then did the install of 1.4.4. My app wouldn't compile due to missing BRABitmap, controls and such (as I expected). So I closed that; opened an example project (i just picked 'LoadPicture' from the list given for opening example projects). I clicked the green "Run" arrow. It said it compiled ok. but there was no screen activity, no app window. I started Task Manager and found 3 instances of LoadPicture.exe *32 on the process list. I tried 'File'+'Close-All'+'Quit' but Lazarus would not close. I tried 'Run'+'Stop' then 'Run'+'Reset Debugger' and Lazarus closed at that instant but popped up "loadpicture.exe Application Error" a red circle with white "X" and: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application". I did. Then I checked the process list in Task Manager and still found 2 lines of loadpicture.exe. 'End Process' there had no effect.

I spent a couple hours searching this and other forums looking for answers. I saw where other people were trying to completely eliminate Lazarus (as if it had never been there) but to little avail. At that point I got really worried. I uninstalled 1.4.4 and tried again with similar results. I uninstalled again, I deleted all the Lazarus remnants, I removed the 4 Lazarus entries in the registry. I deleted the AppData config file, I purged the PATH, and deleted the unused (at that point) file extensions. I then tried 1.6.1RC thinking that, with FPC 3 that it would be all new stuff from an install point of view. I'm using Win7/64 with AMD64 CPU. This time i did NOT get the initial dialog saying that a prior version had been found (making me think i DID revert to 'never there' state) and did I want to update or not... But the results of trying to complete one of the example programs (untouched by me) was the same except this time it was a CheckBox project. The 'End Process' in Task Manager would never get rid of any of those triple-line checkbox.exe processes for any version of Lazarus.

BTW I have the latest MS service packs/updates, I run Autodesk Inventor, AutoCad, Photoshop, all the Open Office apps, the Arduino IDE, a few games, Firefox, some CNC simulators and lots more and have no anomalies with anything other than Lazarus.

So, as before I uninstalled Lazarus (this time the 1.6RC1) and purged the remnants as before. I tried 1.2.6, thinking I might revert to what had been working. NOT! Same behavior. So, as before I uninstalled Lazarus (this time the 1.2.6) and purged the remnants also as before. Then I reinstalled 1.4.4.

This time I started opening several example projects. I did 'Projects'+'Close Projects' then the Project Wizard pops up. I selected 'View Example Projects' (as I had done before) and then BitButton.lpi and then I clicked the green 'Run' button. There were NO messages, but after a few seconds the app appeared (no form had previously displayed in the IDE). The title was TBitBtn Verify, its app showed on the task bar, and the app worked correctly. I closed it. It still had no form in the IDE. I looked under all windows - not there! I looked at the 'View' menu and the top item 'Toggle Form/Unit view F12' was grayed out.

I experimented for about a day (I'm [supposed] retired). I could only clear the task list of anomalous processes by rebooting my PC. It took awhile. But I determined that a few other example projects were like BitButton, they appeared to compile, link to exe's and run. But many (most) of the examples would not and left those 3 processes hanging in task manager. Some showed design-time forms but gave compile errors then failed.

I was frustrated by the statement on the Lazarus website stating that everything needed was in the Windows installer. I was encouraged by my success a year or so ago with 1.2.6. and the success of 5000+ lines of code in my house automation app. I was expecting to need to load and update my optional controls like the BGRAxxx and TAChart and Synapse stuff, but I never expected that the canned and untouched example projects wouldn't run properly.

So...  I am at a total loss of what to do next, what to change, inspect, fix, whatever. I'm sure that most PC's just load the latest Lazarus and go. I suspect I'm doing something wrong. I know I'm no guru, but now I feel like an idiot. Please help. Thanks much !


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Re: tried update, some examples don't run, I'm all messed up now, please help
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2015, 06:30:57 pm »
Try to exclude Lazarus + application development directories from the antivirus.

Both Lazarus (recompile when installing components) and the generated apps are not in antiviruses known files database, increase the case of trouble with avirii.


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Re: tried update, some examples don't run, I'm all messed up now, please help
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2015, 07:40:58 pm »
Hhmm.. ok, at this point I'll try anything. I use Avast (free version) antivirus. It has been updated several times in 2015. I can (actually, I have) gone into it, to 'Settings'+'Exclusions' and added "C:\lazarus\*" to that list there. But I haven't done anything else. I'm [figuratively] walking on eggs here, as your suggestion sounds very promising!

But I don't want to mess up any more, so please bear with me just a little more.

Should I now uninstall all the 1.4.4 and purge my system; and then, now that the exclusion list has "C:\lazarus\*" in it, reinstall from the lazarus-1.4.4-fpc-2.6.4-win32.exe download ? Should I first: re-download it ? What is the surest/safest method ? I don't mind taking the time for trying your best advice!

Could I turn off Avast altogether (it allows that for a period of time) and try that ? In which case should I uninstall, purge, reinstall and would that be with a fresh lazarus-1.4.4-fpc-2.6.4-win32.exe download ? Or what ?

I sure hope this works. If I can get the examples to all work then I think I can get my other stuff going too.

Thanks so much for your reply!


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Re: tried update, some examples don't run, I'm all messed up now, please help
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2015, 06:46:23 pm »
Got it. Thanks much Marcov ! You're a big help ! I'm up and running again.  :D


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