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Lazarus with strange behavior

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Marcelo Santos:
I've already sent that message but Lazarus's condition worsened.   :'(

In all applications, new, old, I run, when moving the mouse over it gives the following error: SIGSEGV, always at the same address. The error occurs when I interact with the Form. If you do not focus nothing happens.

And now also the Lazarus is disappearing slowly .. I sent the pictures

Reinstall Lazarus;
Windows formatting;
Uninstall program running in the background: Google Chrome, Avast Antivirus, Drive ...
True in DisableLoadSymbolsForLibraries option
Added in Debugger_Starup_Options option: --eval-command = "auto set-off solib-add" (I do not know what that is, to be honest)
I created another user on Windows.

Lazarus 1.4.0, 1.4.2 and 1.4.4 (tried all)
Windows 7 64

if you can repompile the ide (menu tools: config build laz) with the option -gw  (add opt in that dialog).

then close ide, and modify the desktop shortcut, so the IDE is called as follows (with whatever path you currently have of course)

C:\lazarus\lazarus.exe --debug-log=C:\log.txt

then reproduce the error, close the IDE (if possible), then attach the log file.

Marcelo Santos:

TBuildManager.SetBuildTarget Old=i386-win32-win32 New=i386-win32-win32 FPC=True LCL=False

I am running for now, it seems back to normal. On some trials, it returns to normal and the weather starts to present the same mistake, disappear ...

Marcelo Santos:
Lazarus is not disappearing but the error by moving the mouse over the application continues

Well keep running with the logfile. Occasionally after closing the IDE delete the log, to reduce its size.

If and when the error happens, attach the log.

The important part is that your IDE must be build with -gw

EDIT: maybe even -gl -gw

otherwise the log will not contain useful error info.


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