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Help getting Getting Virus alert Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] LAZ 1.5 fpc 3.1.1



Hope someone can help.
I have compiled my application same code with same version of components using LAZ 1.3 FPC 2.7.1 and LAZ 1.5 FPC 3.1.1.
Each time I have done a cleanup and  build and deleted, prior to building.
However when I send the compiled version using LAZ 1.5 FPC 3.1.1 to virus total for analysis It reports the following:-
Avast    Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]    20151126

The same code etc compiled with LAZ 1.3 FPC 2.7.1 and everything is fine; no warnings.

All is compiled on same PC, as the pc is clean of any virus/malware. I have checked pc with numerous scanners and everything is 100% clean.

Anyone else getting this hopefully a false positive.


It is antivirus scan pattern fault.
I also get this many times other binary.


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