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SQL Error : library routine called out of sequence


Good morning,

My application is running without problems with Linux and wine onto the same laptoop with debian jessie. But with window 7 professionnel on an other PC I've got the error message :

SQL Error : library routine called out of sequence

I don't know if I forget to copy some libraries or if it's a problem with compiler target options... The only one library I've got with my application typodoc.exe is :


And win32 compilation come with lib/i386-win32 directory with some stuff (*.o, myapplication.comîled...). May be I need an other specific windows DLL library ?

Thank you for your advice.

Dont know if your case is the same, but something similar (with zeos) was being discussed here:

I guess, that it is porblem related to sequence of calls to SQLite API.
So error appears between calls to SQLite API, not at first call, right ?


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