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MapViewOfFile WinCE


I could not find MapViewOfFile function declaration for wince-arm

I have tryed
{$IFDEF wince}
function MapViewOfFile(hFileMappingObject:HANDLE; dwDesiredAccess:DWORD;
dwFileOffsetHigh:DWORD; dwFileOffsetLow:DWORD; dwNumberOfBytesToMap:DWORD):
LPVOID;external KernelDLL name 'MapViewOfFile';

But I am not sure

Please, your advice

Here is the docs for this functions:

I checked it and it really seams to be missing. It should be on the file:


Your declaration seams perfect to me, does it work?

You can just use it like that for your code, but it would be nice if you could drop an e-mail on fpc mailling list and ask it to be included on the official sources for Free Pascal, so it will be available by default on the next versions.


as you can see at begining of there is :

{exported functions list = to do,
 * please remove functions done *


       ordinal    name
      342 MapViewOfFile

line 323 in the commented part ,
at this moment it is not done BUT it exist in list of exported functions under wince

this commented list correspond to remaing api calls that could be implemented if needed.

btw, not sure it is the best way to use them all :)

(the more your code rely on OS api calls the more dependant it will be and the less portable also could be)

anyway,  you can drop a line here with wince api needed, i'll do my best to update rtl.

ps: it's better five by five than one by one :)

In theory, when smartlinked, the extra declarations shouldn't harm.
Anyway, I'll need (atleast) this one if I want to implement the windebugger also for CE.



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