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Compile for wince i386


I try to build a little application for WinCE and i386 for a WinCE7 PDA.

When I build, I have two errors :
 - "Cannot find unit system used by fcllaz of package FCL."
 - "Cannot find unit system used by lnetbase of package lnetbase".
If I build for WinCE and Arm CPU, it works (but of course, I can't launch it on PDA) ...

I think it's a problem of cross-compiling. I tried to follow this tutorial :
but when I launch the .bat (at step 3), no files is created...

Someone can help me ? Who knows when "wince-i3686" will be officially supported by Lazarus ?
Quote from this :
"i386 CPU support was not tested too much and may contain bugs. Patches are welcome"  :'(


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