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CrossFPC release 0.45 on 8 Oct 2015 does ARM Android


Paul Breneman:

I'd like to read comments about it, and find more documentation on how to write Android apps with it.

Does it work with latest Delphi?

Paul Breneman:

--- Quote from: Fiji on October 13, 2015, 03:53:44 pm ---Does it work with latest Delphi?

--- End quote ---

I just used D7 so I don't know.  I think you might find out on their web page.  There is a standalone program so Delphi is not required.

My big question: what sort of Android program do you get when you don't use Lazarus?

I've had a lot of fun with FPC Linux console programs on Android:

I almost forgot the program I have on my phone that uses FPC 3.1.1 that I have a little about at the bottom of this page:

Does debugging work for Win32 apps using CrossFPC & D7?  ::)


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