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If I add this to Addition Compiler Arguments:

Will that mean that "fp.cfg"  FP.cfg is ignored ?

I spent years learning fpc.cfg, and I have a program which writes it out for me... Don't want to throw that away...


--- Quote ---When the compiler has finished reading the configuration file, it continues to treat the command line options.
One of the command line options allows you to specify a second configuration file: Specifying @foo on the command line will open file foo, and read further options from there. When the compiler has finished reading this file, it continues to process the command line.

--- End quote ---
Do you need a conclusion?

fp.cfg is used only by FP-IDE.

No idea why you want to override its configuration file with fpc.cfg, because the FP-IDE offers you the possibility to customize its settings within the configuration options. You can add your own (additional) rules if you dislike current settings. Only realize that it keeps settings for different kind of releases (debug, normal and release), but you can add your custom rules to each one of them.

I didn't even know (so i doubt) it is possible to overrule the settings of FP-IDE which uses its own internal compiler. Because i doubt, i should really check that to make sure ...

You will like this:
type \path\to\fpc.cfg > fp.cfg
attrib +r fp.cfg

And everything works...

attrib +r Sets read-only attribute.


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