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wince and synapse ?

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--- Quote from: mirce.vladimirov on September 28, 2015, 03:13:05 pm ---Synapse is release 40 from 2012 (see Just downloaded yesterday.

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Yes, but that's a very old version.
If you're going to use Synapse you better use the more recent (and still stable) trunk version:
(you can use the "Download snapshot" button above the files.)

But still. That doesn't have complete WINCE support but for Desktop development it's best you use that snapshot version.

--- Quote from: mirce.vladimirov on September 28, 2015, 03:13:05 pm ---About These WinCETools, what shoud i do with it, just paste to my projects directory and include them to "uses" ? Because there is at least one file with a name of an existing one in the Synapse sources folder so I dont believe it's a good idea to paste them there, right ? Also, these are older than Synapse's original.

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Those 5 files are the only files changed. For example sswince.pas uses SynObjs.pas so you still need all the other files. So yes, you need to copy them over the existing ones. But I'm not sure with what version these work best. But the synsock.pas doesn't matter much. It's just a few IFDEFs so you can copy the one from WinCETools over the original. Try it with the snapshot/trunk version and see if it compiles.


--- Quote from: goodname on September 28, 2015, 01:15:38 pm ---It was many years ago now but I have used LNet on WinCE and it worked reliably.

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Lnet's ftp.put works OK but ftp.retrieve does not.  It gets messed up somehow and downloads only parts of the file and sometimes even sudenly breaks during filling the stream. Also, it is quite complicated to understand Lnet. On the other hand, Synapse is both simple and powerful but it lacks WinCE support.


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