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wince and synapse ?

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Am I doing something wrong or Synapse is only supported for intel (Linux and normal Windows)  ?
I added synapse to my WinCE application so I could transfer the sqlite to and from the PDA but cant compile, some error is reported :

--- Code: ---C:\lazarus\components\synapse40\source\lib\asn1util.pas(66,4) Warning: Illegal identifier "IMPLICIT_STRING_CAST" for $WARN directive
C:\lazarus\components\synapse40\source\lib\asn1util.pas(67,4) Warning: Illegal identifier "IMPLICIT_STRING_CAST_LOSS" for $WARN directive
C:\lazarus\components\synapse40\source\lib\synautil.pas(65,4) Warning: Illegal identifier "IMPLICIT_STRING_CAST" for $WARN directive
C:\lazarus\components\synapse40\source\lib\synautil.pas(66,4) Warning: Illegal identifier "IMPLICIT_STRING_CAST_LOSS" for $WARN directive
C:\lazarus\components\synapse40\source\lib\synautil.pas(67,4) Warning: Illegal identifier "SUSPICIOUS_TYPECAST" for $WARN directive
synautil.pas(0,0) Fatal: Can not find unit UnixUtil used by synautil.

--- End code ---

What should I use then ? Indy or Lnet ? What's preffered in Laz for WinCE ?

I haven't tried myself, but I believe I have heard of others that use Synapse on a WinCE device.

As for the quoted output. The first five lines of output are just warnings regarding $WARN messages, so those can be ignored.

The "can't find unit UnixUtils" on a WinCE device. That tells me you need to fix the IFDEF statements. There is probably a IFDEF MSWINDOWS .... ELSE  .... and for your WinCE platform, it drops to the ELSE portion.

See the Free Pascal Programmers Guide regarding available compiler defines:

The IFDEF MSWINDOWS probably needs to change to IFDEF WINDOWS, which will include the WinCE platform. MSWINDOWS only includes desktop Windows, not mobile Windows.

I didn't actually look at the Synapse code, I'm just commenting based on experience and the error messages you listed.

Maybe of interest:,5746.msg26958.html#msg26958

--- Quote ---I have found, that Synapse ( ) was ported
on WinCE ( ).
I´m testing it right now.

lNet-components looks good too.

--- End quote ---
But that's a version from 2007/2008.

Also... what version did you take?
In the latest trunk version there are some signs of WINCE-defs.

--- Code: ---    {$IFDEF WINCE}
      {$I}  //not complete yet!

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---  {$IFDEF WINCE}
    DLLStackName = 'ws2.dll';

--- End code ---
But apparently it's not complete yet. (Work in progress? But the trunk hasn't changed since feb.2015)

So try the version in otherwise maybe LNet is a better way to go for WINCE.

It was many years ago now but I have used LNet on WinCE and it worked reliably.

Synapse is release 40 from 2012 (see Just downloaded yesterday.
For me synapse is a lot simpler than Lnet, but it seems i would have to use Lnet.
About These WinCETools, what shoud i do with it, just paste to my projects directory and include them to "uses" ? Because there is at least one file with a name of an existing one in the Synapse sources folder so I dont believe it's a good idea to paste them there, right ? Also, these are older than Synapse's original.


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