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ActiveX and external application


Hello to everyone,
I'm a new user of this forum. My name is Fabio and I'm writing from Italy.

My question is following:
I've installed an application that in its guide says it have an API Library. "API is ActiveX based and can be accessed from any programming/scripting language that supports ActiveX,by instantiating the API's core object ("NameClient.clientAPI") in an application" .

I want to make an application who can be able to use this external application's API.
I've installed activeX package in lazarus, but now I don't know how can I use it in order to run the API of the external application.

Someone is able to help me?
Many thanks in advance

Aftering installing LazActiveX, you should have a new menu item in Lazarus:

Tools->Import Type Library ...

I use that with the option "Create visual component (TActiveXContainer descendant)" selected.

The tool creates a control unit which you can then include in your project. I create the ActiveX controls dynamically.

Thanks a lot!


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