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Mazer - procedural maze generator in Lazarus using Castle Game Engine

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Cool.  But lighting needs some work...

Eugene Loza:

--- Quote from: Ñuño_Martínez on February 08, 2016, 12:21:13 pm ---But lighting needs some work...
--- End quote ---
Definitely. As far as I understand it's shader-related, and I'm absolutely newbie in shaders :) So I want to concentrate on gameplay and FPS optimization (to provide for really huge maps) at the moment... I'll have to postpone shaders for later...

Eugene Loza:
Latest version uploaded to GitHub:
Release (Win/Linux):

P.S. If anybody could look at my code and say if it's properly commented, I'd be very grateful, because it's the first time I write the code intended not only for my eyes :D

Personally I don't like C++ comments (//).  I tend to use (* *) for important stuff and { } to explain code inside the methods, functions and procedures.

I recommend you to read about pasdoc.  It forces you to document everything in a way that in my opinion is very human-friendly.  Take a look to my Allegro.pas code to see it in action.

I like you have explained stuff inside the code.  Not a lot of people do that and it helps a lot.  Note that when we are writing code it always looks clear and even obvious, but in most cases it isn't!  Explaining it a bit helps to understand it, even to yourself when you're updating it some weeks/months later.

Eugene Loza:
Thanks! I'll have a close look at those!


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