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Mazer - procedural maze generator in Lazarus using Castle Game Engine

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Eugene Loza:
A maze generator created using Lazarus + Castle Game Engine
No much game at the moment, just walk around a crooked 9-level maze to find a rose :)

Very cool. Reminds me of some old early 90's engines.

He did some updates to the demo, that you can see in this thread from Pascal Game Development.

Eugene:  You shouldn't be so shy...  ;D

Eugene Loza:
Thanks!  ;) I'm just preparing for a bigger update.
And I don't want to waste too much attention in non-game-design specific forum.

Eugene Loza:
I'm back with a huge update - a library tileset with placeholders!
Now you'll know why does it takes so long for librarians to fetch your book!

(smaller map, higher FPS)
(larger map, lower FPS)
I'll post the last code version on GitHub asap.


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