Author Topic: Drawing on Windows VS GTK2 (linux32)  (Read 3329 times)


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Drawing on Windows VS GTK2 (linux32)
« on: September 01, 2015, 05:06:25 pm »
I developed a 2D CAD software ( using lazarus 1.4.2
I am using LCL only. The version 0.3.1 is stable on windows 32 xp/7
with no problems in the drawing.
Actually, I ported my software to linux(32) mint 17.2. and I used Lazarus 1.4.2 configured on GTK2.
On linux If I zoomed In my drawing (maximum scale),
I get a duplicated lines in my canavs !

In my code, I used

 paintbmp  : Bitmap ;
 paintbox   : TPaintbox;

 I draw in the canvas of paintbmp
 I refresh The painbox by the procedure

 procedure Tmainform.paintboxPaint(Sender: TObject);

What is the problem in gtk2 ?


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