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BUG ? searching in dbgrid with indexed column is not logarithmic ?


Hello Everyone,

I cant speak very well :)

Lazarus is very good tool.
Congratulations to the developers. And so forth

I would like to announce an error.

If i have a dbgrid connect with datasource connect with ztable (zeos component)
and I set in the object inspector IndexFieldNames to the database table column which is indexed
and i have for exemaple 100 000 elments in the table and I want to search in this table (for one
field) I see a very slow linear search not logaritmic.

Is there implemented indexed searching in dbgrid or not?

seeking in this way:


windows 7/32 bit
lazarus 1.4.2  i386-win32-win32/win64

Any help welcome :).



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