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New bootstrap FPC 2.6.4 for Windows?? Where?

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Since Trunk version 31410 the minimum requirement to compile FPC is version 2.6.4 (according to the Makefile).

But in there are no Windows-version of FPC 2.6.4.
In there is but that's version 2.6.2 which doesn't compile FPC anymore.

Why was this requirement increased without providing a proper bootstrap FPC 2.6.4?

--- Quote ---Makefile:2856: *** The only supported starting compiler version is 2.6.4. You are trying to build with 2.6.2..  Stop.
--- End quote ---

Changing the REQUIREDVERSION back to 2.6.2 in the Makefile seems to work:

--- Code: ---REQUIREDVERSION=2.6.2
--- End code ---
(but of course I don't want to do that every time I check out a trunk version)

Jonas Maebe:
The only supported way to bootstrap FPC always has been and always will be based on a complete installation of the previous official release. The bootstrap compilers are sometimes uploaded for certain source-centric packagers, but they are 100% unsupported and you should not use them.

If it were up to me, all of these bootstrap compilers would be removed from the ftp site, because using them instead of a full installation can lead under some circumstances to hard to diagnose problems if you don't know the details of the FPC build process.

How is fpcup going to deal with that?

Download a complete installation, unpack the FPC and use that to recompile the just downloaded Lazarus.exe?

Every script which builds from scratch (i.e. without previous installed trunk version) uses the bootstrap version. So I'm wondering what's going to happen to that. I will save my own ppc386.exe for now but this is definitely not an easy/correct way to get users to use the trunk/development version.

Jonas Maebe:
fpcup should require that you have the latest official FPC release already installed (or possibly install it by itself). You don't have to redownload and reinstall the latest release all the time, it doesn't change that often. You can also keep multiple versions of FPC installed side by side, so I don't see how this makes things more difficult versus a bootstrap binary.

I'm not sure if fpcup searches for existing fpc-installations at the moment... but okay...

Let's see how many questions we get about that the coming days :)


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