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Lazarus with Andorid and iOS



We are going to start an Android and iOS Project, working with postgreSQL, i would like to know if Lazarus is ready to work with them.

any experiences?


 To Data Access use REST Dataware.
 To Android use Laz4Android.

Laz4Android + LAMW - Pretty mature.
DB - SQLite.

Works better and more efficiently then Qt 5.7 for Android! (Qt sucks imho)
Native UI - Holo and Material, tons of working examples:
HTTP, UDP, Sockets, Bluetooth, SMS, Graphics, Multimeda (Sound and Video),
GPS, Web Browsing,  Intent Calls and many many more..
Small APK.
Convenient API.

Checked yourself works builded progs on Andorid from 4.2/4.4/5/6 up to 7.0 - all OK!


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