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Hello, I use lzRichEdit as a simple text editor. With lzRichEdit I can insert images into the text file, but for some reason the images don't get saved. If I for instance create a doc- file, insert an image, save it, close the file and open the doc-file again, there is no image - only the text gets saved.

I guess I'm doing something wrong while saving the file since no compund document is created. I use only the savedialog. The crew behind lzRichEdit say in their wiki-artikel that "The image support is left up to 3 units, RichOleBox, RichOle, GTKTextImage, These units are in the sample folder and can be placed along with the source code of your program. " Well, when I these three pas-files but the program wont compile, complaining about GTKTextimage. When removed the program compiles just fine but still no saved images.  Any suggestions?

I am using lzRichedit subversion 372 with Lazarus 1.4.2
No problem in compilation and installation.
I do have the same problem in you that sometime image in the rtf document is not displayed. After some testing, I found that the image would not be display if the readonly property = true when I call loadfromfile method. So my temporary solution is to set the readonly to false before I open a file. Something like this
with lzRichEdit1 do
  tmp := Readonly;
  ReadOnly := False;
    ReadOnly := tmp

Hope this help


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