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Can't access Freepascal Wiki


The only way I can access the Freepascal wiki is to get to the route page and hit wiki. When I do a search and sub pages of the wiki are given that take me directly to the item of interest I am not allowed to access them. Searching for "freepascal hardware access" and hitting the provided link gives "You don't have permission to access /Hardware_Access on this server." Doing the same search using the wiki search box lets me in.

Jonas Maebe:
A long time ago, I started blocking some URL access patterns that seemed to be only used by bots that try to create accounts for spamming the wiki. It seems now that if you use Yahoo to search the wiki, it will create a very similar URL and it triggers my filter. I'll try to modify it so it no longer blocks Yahoo referrals.

Oh! now you mention it I recently switched from Google to Yahoo because of the privacy stuff that kept coming up it was all a pain in the butt across all my computers.
Thanks Jonas

Jonas Maebe:
Should be fixed now. BTW, the most privacy-friendly search engine is

I can confirm it works now. Thanks Jonas.


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