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Making Executable for my Lazarus Project


Hey There!

I'm working on a Lazarus project and I want to make some sort of .exe file that I can use to install such project in a different machine. I tried with the "publish" option in the Lazarus IDE but that doesn't actually do what I was hoping (Thought it'd be similar to Visual Studio's publish). Is there a way to pack all my project modules and make a .exe file that i can use to install it everywherelse? How does Lazarus deals with this?

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Thanks derek, that worked beautifully! Now, I'm wondering how to allow my application to be installed in Linux distribution OS...

Cool, yea, I've loved InnoSetup for years. Lazarus uses it for the Win32 installer.

For Linux, look into creating Debian or RPM packages. Ive never done that, but it looks like there are a number of GUI front ends to help

Basile B.:
This would be great if someone could publish a wiki page about how to make DEB or RPM. A few weeks ago i've managed to make a RPM but I was very disapointed to see that the sources are deleted after each construction of the package. :(

But this has to be done since on nix all the executables stand in the same folder there's always a risk that a package provides the same file(s). Consequences can be dramatic.

I've followed this

About the GUI editors take care. I remember that i installed one made with mono but the software was not running after setup. You see the thing: the guy makes a RPM to distribute a software that's used to make RPM. But his RPM fail to setup the soft correctly... :-X


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