Author Topic: Questions about debug + release deployment (placement of files, signing etc.)  (Read 1370 times)


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I am trying to get a beter grasp of what I need to do without shooting myself in the foot on OSX :)

I currently have Delphi/Windows, Lazarus/Windows, Lazarus/OSX output my .exe file to a sub-directory called "compiled".

In this directory I also have a ton of configuration files.

- On Windows when I debug the files are where they should be.
- On Windows for release builds my program and/or installer makes sure the files are where they should be so I adhere to all platform guidelines (i.e. some in user folder with "backups" in app folder, and rest in app folder)

However, I am slightly in doubt on how to get started on OSX.

When debugging, I can see its directory is "compiled/" where there is a link to "compiled/myprogram.exe".

When debugging, I just need it to work. Do you copy files back and forh into the "compiled/" or do you adjus the program code, so it read its data files from "compiled/" while debugging?

For release builds? Is there any easy way to create this in Lazarus?
- I have a release-build include file I use (that activates code I only want in release builds)
- I can switch project options in Lazarus and compile

Suppose I e.g. have 100 configuration files in 6 different sub-directories. Should I just move them into "compiled/" or what is he best guideline for this?

Anyway to get the necessary plist/info files automatically generated? I also need:
- support for threads
- that people can download from my website

I have a comodo certificate I sign with on Windows. I suppose I will need o do something similar on OSX+

Do you use any tools o automate it all on OSX? On Windows I have a fairly large build script, but I don't mind doing some things manually on OSX until I learn all the bells and whitles underneath.


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I realize this pos was a bit "allover the place", so I have made a much better post wih precise questions here:,29160.0.html


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