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Error compiling LCL for WinCE

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I'm trying to recompile the LCL for WinCE but I get an error:

--- Code: ---
WinCEInt.pp(123,21) Error: Overridden methods must have the same return type: "TWidgetSet.GetStockObject(LongInt):DWord" is overriden by "TWinCEWidgetSet.GetStockObject(LongInt):LongInt" which has another return type

--- End code ---

I have followed all steps I have found here. The raw crosscompiler works fine and the arm-wince binutils are called correctly.

The LCL THandle is defined different than the windows THandle. I'll try to fix that.
For the time being, you can change in lcl\lcltype.pas the line
--- Code: ---THandle = type PtrInt;
--- End code ---
--- Code: ---THandle = {$ifdef windows}system.THandle;{$else}type PtrInt;{$endif}
--- End code ---

Sadly same error happens :(

The line is embedded in a ifdef block:

--- Code: ---
{$ifndef WINDOWS}
  {$IFDEF CPU64}
  // temp solution for 32bit system.Thandle
  THandle = type PtrInt;
  HANDLE = THandle;
  PHandle = ^THandle;

--- End code ---

Maybe this block is never reached compiling wince?

ah, ok
I only had a quick look, didn't see the surrounding ifndef.

I've to look later what is going on, but from this I think the windows handle is used and that one should be the sam ein all units.
Somehow thandle gets redifined somewhere.


--- Quote from: "Legolas" ---Maybe this block is never reached compiling wince?
--- End quote ---

Sure it isn't reached, that block has a {$ifndef WINDOWS}

Windows CE defines Windows too.

It could try to fix it, but it's a little hard to me since I don't have a win64 system, and I don't remember this problem on win32. Was it introduced recently?


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