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See this:

--- Quote ---With Windows 10 VerifyVersionInfo is now subject to the same manifest-based behavior as GetVersion(Ex): by default IsWindows8OrGreater and earlier will return 'true' as expected on Windows 10, but both IsWindows8Point1OrGreater and IsWindows10OrGreater will return 'false' without the appropriate GUIDs present in the <compatibility> section.
--- End quote ---

So lazarus manifest settings must be updated or you must include your own manifest with these settings if youre using these stuff. Direct3D full-screen applications, High-DPI support including per-monitor scaling or GetVersion(Ex).

GetVersionEx is used in Sysutils unit for win32: CheckWin32Version depend on this. If you want to get the righ OS number you must ensure to update your manifest.

Now I use always my own manifest file, those interested in using this and doing through IDE must report it in bug tracker as new feature request. In the past I recommended the dpi settings and elevation settings.


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