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Is it only me, or are Code Completion and Argument Tips not working?
As far as I could see in Editor Options - they are enebled (I event can't disable them - they are greyed out).
I know that "a perfect programmer uses no code completion", but a perfect programmer uses vim, and I am definetely NOT a perfect programmer. :D
So, is it a bug, is it not implemented yet, or am I bugging you all without a reason? :)


Vincent Snijders:
What is known in Delphi as code completion, is called Identifier completion in Delphi. It is not opened automatically after an idle time.  You have to press <CTRL>+<SPACE> to activate it.

There is also Word completion, it also works outside code blocks (for example in comments) and uses all source text, not just identifiers.

There is also Code Completion, see for examples:

Ok, so it was me bugging you without any good reason. :)
Sorry for being such a Delphi nerd - I promise I will improve. I must say, I'm impressed with capabilities of Lazarus. Hope I can get my old Delphi code to cooperate.  :wink:

Anyway, thanks for the help


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