Author Topic: Odd error opening forms using Lazarus on OSX under certain circumstances  (Read 1384 times)


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I have some common ancestor forms (.dfm) in my *shared* dir.
If I use  Lazarus OSX *or*  Lazarus Windows to show one of
these common forms (including common ones that inherit from
other common ones) I can easily do so.

However, I have a problem when:
1) I use Lazarus OSX.
2) I open a project.
2.A) Project has *shared* dir in "Other unit files" and "Include files".
2.B) my "programlazarus.dpr" file explicity define path of all my common
forms + the new project specific forms that inherit from my common ones.
3) I try open a project form that inherits from one of my common ones.

I get this error:
Unable to find the component class "__TmisvFrontBase" It is not
registered via RegisterClass and no lfm was found. It is needed by unit

This I simply do not understand since I otherwise can open similar forms
(that inherit from other common ones) in my *shared* directory
+ I do not hget any errors in Lazarus / Windows


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