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Zcomponent missing (Lazarus 1.4)

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An interesting article:


--- Quote from: MaartenW on May 03, 2015, 03:04:48 pm ---Thanks!
Downloaded and installed Zcomponent from ZEOS.
Lazarus doesn't complain no more :), nor me ;).

--- End quote ---

Hello, pls can you help with a guide on how to install the zcomponent, see what i did below.

I downloaded the zcomponent zip from Sourceforge
2. extracted the Lazarus folder to Lazarus/components/zcomponent
3. i opened the lpk file in Lazarus to compile and got some errors, see attached picture

The ZEOS component consists of several packages, and when you install zcomponents.lpk first the IDE does not know where the others are.

In "Packages" > "Open Package file", open first zcore.lpk, then zplain.lpk, then zparsesql.lpk, then zdbc.lpk - just "open", no need to "compile" nor "install". Finally open zcomponent.lpk and select "use" > "install". Now it should work.

The easier way is to use the Online-Package-Manager (in menu "Package"): scroll down the list, check ZeosDBO, click Install and answer the few questions. Wait until the IDE is rebuilt.

You will get version 7.2.14 of ZEOS this way. If you need the latest development version (some v8.x) you must do the steps as described above.

Thanks for the suggestion,

I tried that now and got another error

--- Quote ---Compile package zcore 7.2.14: Exit code 1, Errors: 1
zcore.pas(11,3) Fatal: Cannot find ZClasses used by zcore. Check search path of package zcore, try a clean rebuild, check implementation uses sections..
Compile package ChmHelpPkg 0.2.1: Aborted
Compile package DateTimeCtrlsDsgn 1.5.1: Aborted
Compile package DBFLaz 0.1.1: Aborted

--- End quote ---

I cannot find any file names ZClasses in the zcomponent folder

What is your Lazarus/FPC version? You seem to be on Windows, aren't you?


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