Author Topic: Program turns into zombie after crash  (Read 1093 times)


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Program turns into zombie after crash
« on: May 01, 2015, 01:27:44 pm »
I have a problem with a server I wrote using FPC.

This is a server for a game, which sometimes crashes (every 5 or 6 hours of uptime). While of course I'm going to try to fix the crash, right now I've setup a bash script that runs the server again once it crashes.

This works fine in my Linux laptop, I can leave it connected to internet, wait one week and the server will still running even after crashing a couple times.

However when deploying to a cloud server via DigitalOcean, once the server crashes it seems to remain in a blocked/zombie state, where no output appears, but also it never returns to the shell, so the script to restart it never is executed.

Anyone has a clue why this could happen?


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