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FP IDE under Win7


I've kind of got FP to work but there are a couple of things that I'm confused about or want to change.  I have decided to postpone any attempt at 64-bit operations for a while until I 'work out which way is up'  (might be quite a long while !)

First, I'm using the default IDE (that comes with fpc-2.6.4.i386-win32.exe).  It's a small difficult to read and awkward thing about 2" by 4" on my screen.  Is there any way I can control its size (like make it 5" x 10") to make it clearer ?  I don't mind its being in text mode.
Maybe people would recommend using another IDE ?

Second, the readme.txt file in 'Free Pascal Compiler Version 2.6.4' says "To test the compiler, change to the demo\texts directory of the FPC tree and type
'fpc hello'
to run the demonstration program.  (the directory needed is actually 'demo\text' without the 's').  What do I need to type this into ?  A cmd window console ?  So, I do that.  My computer tells me it can't find fpc (fpc.exe or I assume).  It works if I type C:\fpc\2.6.4\bin\i386-win32\fpc at the cmd prompt though.  What am doing wrong ?  Do I need to set up some path variables or something ?

It also runs it from the IDE if I open the source file and select 'Run' (CTRL-F9) from the Run there a way of displaying the output window simultaneously with the (edit and command window) or of running just an exe file from the IDE ?  I found out that I could switch between them using ALT-F5


Open notepad and type in something like:

--- Code: ---path=C:\dev\fpc32\2.6.4\bin\i386-win32;C:\dev\tools\binw32
cd C:\dev\fpc32\2.6.4\bin\i386-win32
--- End code ---

The first line is where I have my fpc.exe and then the path to make.exe etc.

Then save the file as FreePascal IDE.cmd

When you doubleclick it, the IDE starts. Go for the Properties of the window and change fontsize to bigger. You can also customize the window more by changing videomode inside the IDE: options->environment->preferences->videomode


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