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64-bit Wndows download ??

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Hi all,

I intend to start using FreePascal very soon, and I prepared for it by downloading it...

I am using Windows 7 64-bit, core i5 or i7.  I wish take advantage of 64-bit capability of my computer.

For download, therefore, I chose the x386 32bit, 64bit or CE option, which directed me to sourceforge, where the download of fpc-2.6.4-i386-win32.exe was completed...this file looks suspiciously like it will install a 32-bit version.

Is this the case ?  How do I get the 64-bit version (is there a working 64-bit version ?) ?


see the 4th link at,28126.0.html

Edit - I misunderstood as well. 64 bit Windows FPC does not equate to 64 bit Windows Lazarus.

@Ignorant You got the 32 bit version on purpose. For Windows, it is recommended to use Lazarus 32 also on 64 bit systems for now, because the released version of FPC lacks support for SEH (or whatever its called). But if you compile Lazarus with FPC 64 bits 2.7 or above you will get what you want. I have been running Lazarus 64 for like a year and see no difference from the 32 version. To do that you need some help the first time.

My advice is to either use Lazarus 32 until there is a real need for 64 bit. Or ask us to walk you through the 64 bit installation if you need to get started now.

Thank you gentlemen. 

That seems pretty clear...

when I install (run the exe file fpc-2.6.4.i386-win32.exe) does it install the Lazarus IDE automatically ?

Do I even want "64-bit executables" to achieve the object stated in my first post ??  and if I do, what do I cross-compile from and to ?

Having asked those questions I'll go for the 'easy' route for now and see if I can even get that working.  Seems a waste though, my XP system could have run 32-bit, although the CPU on that is not nearly as powerful as on my W7 systems.


Sorry, I misunderstood and thought you asked about Lazarus 64 when you actually only want FreePascal 64.

fpc-2.6.4.i386-win32.exe is a standalone fpc installation without Lazarus.

To answer your original question, there is no released FPC 64. That doesn't mean you cant have it. If you install Lazarus 64, it contains FPC 64 compiled by the Lazarus team. Remember the warning about missing SEH support though.

I get around the SEH issue by downloading the trunk sources of FPC and compile it with the FPC 64 that comes with Lazarus 64. The result is FPC 3.1.1 64 bit with SEH support.


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