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Setup Debugger in Win32


I'm having troubles setting up the debugger in Lazarus so that I can run/trace thru the code. Is it possible yet and if so, how can I set it up ?

Error : "Debugger error"
          "Ooops, the debugger entered the error state"

current debugger options :
  type = GNU debugger (gdb)
  path = C:\lazarus\pp\bin\win32\gdbpasw.exe

Anny help would be appreciated !

Thanks in advance.

Vincent Snijders:
It was possible for a short time about 3 months ago. Lately I tried I again, but it didn't work then. I didn't have any time to find the cause  of this error.

In the Text screen of Lazarus I see the following error :
"[TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn] Unable to send <-gdb-set confirm off>. No process running."
I'll also "TRY" and have a look !?!


Ok, almost a year later... I inserted a breakpoint... But the program does not break.  How am I supposed to stop it?


Vincent Snijders:
I just tried for myself and had no problem. I create a new project with a button and started the project.

I clicked in the margin of an event handler and a red button showed. Then when a clicked on the button, the program paused asked me to locate the unit1.pas file. Since I didn't save the test project it was in the temp directory. After that I could step through the event handler.

Did you set the debugger correctly in the debugger options?


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