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ЛазМер/ LazMer for measurement (and automation) in Lazarus


It is too early for this anoouncement, but probably I will have to stop or decrease drastically coding in Lazarus very soon.
Here it is:
ЛазМер (LazMer) contains several packages for measurement and probably automation in Lazarus.
Location of the project is

1. List of components:
1,1. Visual controls (lazmercontrols.lpk), available from the „Instrumentation“ tab of the Lazarus IDE.
Contains three controls:
1,1,1. ArrowStar- a set of four arrows. When an arrow is pressed or hold an OnClickDown/OnClickLeft, etc. event is generated.
Interval, at which OnClick... events are generated while an arrow is hold is set by the RepeatSlowRate property (avalue is interval between repeats in m.s.)
If the arrow is hold until more repeats than set by the RepeatsUntilfastRate property occur, the speed at which OnClick... events are generated can be increased or decreased by the RepeatFastRate property.
Repetitive mode can be disabled (i.e. OnClick... will be genatrated only by clicks).

1,1,2. FileObhod- cycles trough files in a specific folder.
Files can be filtered.
When the selected file is changer or the contenst of the folder are changed events are generated.
JumpToFirstLast property toggles looping trough the file list.
A popup menu is shown, when right clicking on the file area.
Filepath is aligned to the right, to prove that the filename shall always be visible.
Custom sorting is still in the todo list.

1,1,3. WaveformGraph- Display waveforms, provides cursors, performs calculations, etc.
Still not much usable, but yet a very valuable part of the project. There is an example available.

1,2. Bindings for National Instruments and Measurement Computing DAQs(lazmerdaqlibs.lpk)
Provides static and dynamic binding for the aforementioned DAQs.
Making examples is in the TODO list.

1,3. Misc (lazmermisc.lpk)
1,3,1. Function generator.
Currently only sinusoidal function generator is implemented.
1,3,2. File utils
1,3,2,1. Read and write support for LVM files. Curntly not all tags for metadata are supported.
1,3,2,2. Read and write support for LVMZ (compressed LVM) files.
1,3,2,3. Read DTMS, v 6.0 and 6.1 files (generated by LabView v.6 and v.6,1)

2. Dependencies
ЛазМер requres

I am willing to keep on working on this project, but that might happen very slowly. If s.o. happens to install the packages and comes across bugs- please let me know. I think I might write some more stuff in June.

where are these files , llinks are empty


--- Quote from: alaa123456789 on July 08, 2022, 10:48:35 am ---where are these files , llinks are empty

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Look at Sourceforge at the Code tab. The code is in SVN/GIT


--- Quote from: af0815 on July 08, 2022, 12:30:01 pm ---
Look at Sourceforge at the Code tab. The code is in SVN/GIT

--- End quote ---

thanks :)

Any feedback might be useful. I have not worked on this in the last year, but I do not feel like abandoning it.


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