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Problems while building Lazarus


Hi, I downloaded the CVS source for Lazarus 0.9 and found some problems while building it under Linux and Windows.

Under Linux, I always get a message while compiling related to lcl/forms.pp: "can´t find unit CUSTAPP". The building process stops here (building using Lazarus self-buil and by manually using make).

Under Windows, the source compiles well and the final lazarus.exe file is created. I can even run Lazarus, but when I try to create a form, I get the very same error: can´t find the unit CUSTAPP.

Is this related to fpc source? How can I solve this? Oh, and one more question regarding the Windows build: how can I "tell" Lazarus where the fpc sources are saved? The "Environment>Environment Options>Files" way is not available...


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