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Bug in the 3.1.1 IDE ?


Hi all

To use the convenient "Turbo pascal style" help with the IDE, I downloaded the help files a while ago, stored them locally, build an index (which takes a while !), then told the IDE under Help/Files where it is. That used to work fine with 2.6.4.

But the IDE I built with FPC 3.1.1 has problems with the help file names, and works only for one session.
I found that the help file is stored correctly in fp.ini:

Files="D:\Programme\FPC\doc\fpctoc.htx|HTML Index"

But on restart, the IDE reads garbage like D:ProgrammeFPCdocfptoc etc.
This is only a problem for the help file; the directories under Options/Directories are read ok.

Does anyone have the same issue ?

I'm surprised that you held on to html docs so long :-)

Simply use the chm docs. Decompression and building the index is no longer such problem.

IIRC there is either some textmode IDE how to install the chm's in the doc-chm archive, or in the wiki. (basically, simply add them one by one, adding toc.chm first)

I'm an old fart, that's why.

Will try the CHM version although I doubt this solves the problem that the IDE messes up the path names.

Yes definitely a bug. Please file a report.

I think it is in the ini file reading, r28925 that strips out backslashes (intended for some other value type)

r28925 | pierre | 2014-10-25 01:18:38 +0200 (Sat, 25 Oct 2014) | 1 line

 Support for quotes inside Values

If you pin ide/wini.pas to r28924 it will probably resolved, I notified Pierre to have a look. Resolved for both html and chm, but I still recommend CHM long term. It is based on the same html code(both the reading code in the textmode IDE as the generation of the help), but easier to manipulate and index because of the archived format.


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