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Project Helena game: Turn Based Strategy/RPG (alpha version)


Eugene Loza:

Project Helena is a Win/Linux turn-based strategy/RPG game (at this point it is more of a strategy than a RPG). Player has several units and has to destroy enemy bots.
The turn-based battle system is similar to first X-coms, Jagged Alliance, Lost colony, etc.

The game is written completely in Lazarus/FPC plus Castle Game Engine, free and opensource :D.

What is ready: The game is a completely playable turn-based strategy. The player can select map parameters, difficulty and battle enemy bots. The game has 29 randomly-generated map types, good strategy for enemy bots.
While the there will be a RPG story (though it will not be complex), the main aspect of the game will be TBS.

Video tutorial in English may be found at the sourceforge. Russian also available at my youtube channel.
Let's play: (part1) and (part2).  Russian variant also available at my youtube channel.


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