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Install FPC on Linux for Arm development


Hi community,

first I want to apologies my English!

I have a problem with the Freepascal compiler. The operation system what I use is an Ubuntu 14 and I'm able to install the FPC via console. After I'm installed the FPC and the FPC IDE, I can write pascal code which is able to compile for Linux I386 operation system. But it is not possible to change the target to an embedded arm system.

I can't understand why. I tried to install different packages but it doses not work. I tried to install FPC with instruction form But when I try to to the instruction from the subtitle Install precompiled fpc 2.2.4 branch it dosen't work by me. I have no idea why.

Maybe someone of had an idea why or what I must do that it works or you have an other instruction or an finish Ubuntu iso what you can provide me!

Thanks ahead

Kind regards


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