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I've just noticed on the wiki that someone has posted a small snippet of code for pasting html onto the clipboard...  I've tried to go back through the revisions to find who posted, but I can't find them - simply far too many revisions...

In my experience, this doesn't work with Microsoft Office apps.  While 'text/html' is the seemingly obvious mime to use, in fact Microsoft want to see 'HTML Format' - Sigh...

This was in fact the very first item I had to research when I started playing with lazarus :-)  I posted my solution then to,11191.msg151451.html#msg151451

I'm happy to simplify that code and update the wiki, but before I do that I want to contact the original author of that snippet on the wiki.   It's entirely possible that that code snippet worked for them in applications other than those written by Microsoft...  In which case I append my solution to theirs, not replace it...

So:  if you're that author, or you know them, can you ask them to drop me a message?


Played 20 questions and think I've found the author...


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