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How future "safe" is Carbon - anyone knows?

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--- Quote from: cobata on May 13, 2020, 04:00:33 pm ---By me, it is more reasonable to continue to develop my software functionality and to recompile it for Cocoa when it is officially released.

--- End quote ---

It already is officially released: Lazarus for macOS on x86_64 uses Cocoa.

Automation: Xcode shows deprecation warnings which I understand are based off the header files. If the function has been removed, then of course Xcode won't compile it.

Otherwise: You need to resort to Apple's macOS release notes which only seem to go back to macOS 10.13.

I believe I've also seen the deprecations in FPC's converted macOS header files but I think FPC 3.0.4 is only up to date to macOS 10.5 and trunk is up to date to macOS 10.8.

I think the only sure way to know is to check your functions against the Apple online API documentation.

Igor Kokarev:

Here is a listing (attached) of the deprecated functions for trunk as of r44876, 2020-04-20. Bear in mind this probably only catches deprecations up to macOS [edit]10.10 [/edit].

I finally found the Release Notes for macos10.12 and older back to OpenStep 4.x !


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