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convert fpc to c ?

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A bit of an odd question here I know but I need a simple FPC to C converter.
I've googled all over the place and not found anything that actually works.
I dont need a massive overcomplicated thing -

I don't need the C code to compile - I have a large number of FPC units to
maintain and need flow charts for - I use  crystal revs pro to produce flowcharts etc.
but that only works with C/C++

So if I can get a basic conversion program it would save me quite a bit of time.
I've tried things like delphi2cpp and the like with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions

Are you looking for:

--- Code: ---View -> Unit Dependencies

--- End code ---
if something is missing in the tool, you should be able to easily update it to your needs, since it's open source.

You definitely should stop using Crystal Revs Pro until it actually supports pascal.
Currently you just violate the logic of work: There's a tool for source code. Not source code for a tool.


--- Quote from: jack616 on March 09, 2015, 04:52:05 pm ---Does anyone have any suggestions

--- End quote ---
Use another tool that supports Object Pascal instead. Some results from simple googling (I have no idea why you can't find them):

* (looks similar to the first one)

Thanks but sorry
I need to do as I described.
lele - I need to use the tool described.
This isn't for a small hack - the methodology isn't alterable.

If I have to I will need to bash out a simple C converter myself
but I'm pushed for time and hoping I can get on with other tasks
without resorting to doing that.

skalogryz  - crystal revs is a professional development environment for C & C++
it doesn't and never will support pascal.


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