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x64 compiler as IDE version?

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FPC 2.6.4 for x86_64-win64 is a cross compiler that needs fpc for i386-win32.

I would like to run the 64bit version from the IDE but can't figure how to do it. Is it possible ?

Is your Lazarus 64-bit? If yes, it should be possible.

I meant the Text mode IDE.

It works, it is just not available as standard download.

You need to straight build the FPC svn for 64-bit. Actually the compiler provided for Lazarus' sake is the "special" build.

Except that I don't know if you can build the 64-bit IDE with debugging

Ah alright. I was tearing my hear about getting the IDE to use the 64bit compiler because I thought the IDE was just calling the compiler. But the compiler is already compiled into the IDE (fp.exe), right ? So re-build is the only option.


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