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Howto open a socket in freepascal to later post on Raspberry

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Does anyone have example code
howto open a TCP/IP socket
to later compile on
freepascal for linux/Raspbian linux for Raspberry

Later a post howto open a i2c bus.


Wouter van Wegen

Afaik all the unit "sockets" examples in the documentation also will work on raspberry pi? The packages/fcl-net/examples and fcl-base/examples might hold examples of the units there (like ssockets)

Im using the Synapse tcpip tools on the Raspberry.. seems to work great.

I tried to make a multi-threaded server with synapse.. but gave up.. it had some issues.. Re-wrote one I had for windows that I wrote about 10 years ago.. seems stable if you would like it..

Paul Breneman:
Control Terminal has simple Synapse code and might be worth a look:


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