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the said that fpc source has 300k lines of code , is that true?

btw , i did't expect that gcc has 14.5 million lines of code , that's incredibly giant

I don't know, but I still prefer pascal over C even if it lacks 14.2 million lines of code

The total count of lines in the FPC codebase is about 3 million. But that includes a lot of runtime, packages, headers, testsuites, etc..

It's a silly thing to compare :P

Edit: I messed up my line counter, but I still only count about 3 million lines in total in whatever version of GCC I have locally.

Why don't you do it yourself? Just need wc -l + a bit bash scripting for loop over the files, perhaps bc for summing up. Note that the Makefiles are generated from Makefile.fpc but both are still counted.

This picture illustrates that GCC has no more than 5 500 000 lines of code
But perhaps the standard library is not included?

For FreePascal 3 CLOC code line counter program shows me 2 153 983 lines of code (with standard library);
In fpc/compiler subdirectory: 284 873 lines of code

PS: less is more if you know what I mean


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